Welcome to BharatBox, the cultural metaverse hub featuring high-profile artists and brands from India

Through Brinc’s client Heftyverse Entertainment, Indian artists, movie studios, sport brands, and music companies will come together in a new virtual hub.

The Sandbox
3 min readFeb 28, 2023

The Sandbox is pursuing its joint venture with Brinc to launch BharatBox, a new cultural hub featuring key partners from India’s entertainment, art, and sports sectors, including Bollywood. The new entrants have joined The Sandbox’s open metaverse by acquiring LAND, and have committed to building experiences in Bharatbox.

Bharatbox’s principal partner is Heftyverse, India’s entertainment NFT marketplace. Multiple high-profile brands and artists will come together to create an area in The Sandbox dedicated to celebrating Indian art, culture, entertainment, and sports, and engage with fans in new and immersive experiences. Brinc will create the experiences and also provide IPs and brands via its extensive partner network in India, as well as building the games alongside Web3 developers.

“The Sandbox is not only a hub for global digital culture — we also want to cultivate diverse and rich neighborhoods of regional culture such as Bharatbox,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “From Bollywood to Bhangra, from Mumbai to Kolkata, there is so much exciting content from music, film, and other entertainment mediums in India that we can bring to life as interactive experiences in the metaverse. We want to make Bharatbox a virtual gathering place for everyone who loves Indian culture.”

Manav Gupta, CEO and Founder at Brinc, said “BharatBox represents a unique opportunity to create an inclusive metaverse that celebrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture across entertainment, sports, philanthropy, culture, and entrepreneurship. By bringing together artists, creators, and innovators from across India, we’re creating a virtual gathering place that provides a platform for everyone to express themselves and collaborate on new experiences. As we move forward, we’re committed to promoting Web3 development in India and empowering women, marginalized communities, and creators from all backgrounds to participate fully and benefit from the growth of this decentralized ecosystem.”

Neeraj Roy, President at Heftyverse, said “It’s exciting to partner with Brinc and The Sandbox on such a revolutionary project that’s already received backing from some of India’s biggest stars. With engagement driven by Indian live events, one-off experiences, and pop culture, Bharatbox will promote our country’s uniqueness and creativity to a new community, and monetize our art and culture in previously unthinkable ways.”

Karan Keswani, Managing Director of Brinc India, who will be the CEO of BharatBox, said “I’m excited to see that The Sandbox metaverse experience is now available to Indian IPs and brands. The immersive experiences already on offer demonstrate the platform’s capability, while the potential and creativity of those who will develop on Bharatbox LAND possess will, I’m sure, result in a truly exceptional experience for consumers, which can be monetized by the brands, consumers and gamers alike under decentralized, transparent revenue share contracts. I strongly believe that this joint venture will promote Web3 development in India and Indian Web3 consumption both in India and the world”

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