‘Builder Highlights’ Pack #2 by SandStorm

You enjoyed the first pack of the ‘Builder Highlights’ from the SandStorm community? Then, you’re going to LOVE their second pack!

Once again, only the best assets made by the SandStorm community will be featured in this collecion.

The assets will drop on April 28th, 3pm utc on The Sandbox Marketplace. Don’t miss out!

The NFTs

Modern House (left) ; Ultimate Gaming Chair (middle) ; Stone Fountain (right)

Modern Home — In the Future we want to live close to our work, This building combines home and work together into 1 building

Ultimate Gaming Chair — This is the Ultimate Gaming Chair with very high details. Can be set in 4 different colors as an animated decoration.

Stone Fountain — Pure rainwater flows into this fountain.Throw a penny in, and your wish might come true.

Goddess Infinia (left) ; Scientists Sword (middle) ; Scientists Shield (right)

Goddess Infinia — The Goddess of the Cyclic Ages, she channels the energies of the stars to change the development of Earth’s inhabitants.

Scientists Sword — A blade made with science by scientists.

Scientists Shield — Infused with swirly science stuff.

Lightning Goddess (left) ; Jungle Explorer (middle) ; Deliria (right)

Lightning Goddess — With the power of lightning in her hands, she is electrifying. (this is an avatar with all the animations plus a custom animation)

Jungle Explorer — The right avatar for exploring the deep jungles of The Sandbox metaverse.

Deliria — Roman goddess of hallucinations. By inducing visions and dreams, Deliria can control the thoughts of the living to her will, breaking down the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Red Lifeguard Tower (left) ; A Giant Octopus Turned to Stone (middle) ; College Student (right)

Red lifeguard tower — Lifeguard tower built in wood, with the characteristic and colorful, tropical Art Deco style of Miami Beach.

A Giant Octopus Turned To Stone — Now it is a monument to the Defeated Monster of Antiquity. Can be used as a gate or portal to other locations.

College Student — Blue Headset, Green Bag, White Shirt, Blue Jeans, Red Shoes.

Fire Golem (left) ; Home of the Future (middle) ; A Octohedz Mother (right)

Fire golem — Stone guardian of the dungeons, never sleeps! Beware of meeting him in dark caves!

Home of the Future (Modular -Input Module) — Entrance module for the house of the future. To create a full-fledged house, you need two parts: Input module and Habitation module Set 6 parts of the house to one point and rotate each + 60 degrees more than the position of the previous part. One house can have from one to 6 exits. Also, this house can be connected to an infinite number of similar modules. Build the city of the future on the sea floor or on the surface of an unexplored planet!

A Octohedz Mother — Their origin is unknown to us, no planet is safe from them. If a mother shows up, run as fast as you can.

Axe of Balance (left) ; PC House (middle) ; Spinning Donut Hat (right)

Axe of Balance — This weapon was formed from unknown elements. This Weapon is light as air, can smash rocks, and is quick as a thought. A word in runes has been engraved on the hilt. — “Deusdea”

PC House — A perfect futuristic dream home that is move-in ready.

Spinning Donut Hat — A spinning hat fit for any Web3 style.

See you on April 28th, 3pm utc, on The Sandbox marketplace!



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