Dr. Bomkus’ Trials: Everything You Need To Know

The Sandbox
5 min readOct 19, 2023


🧪 Dr. Bomkus’ Trials: A New Adventure Awaits

Mastermind scientist Dr. Bomkus has been tirelessly crafting his latest creation. But something has gone awry! Now, he needs your help.

To find the truly worthy, Dr. Bomkus has prepared six trials. This series of exhilarating challenges will put even the most skilled players to the test. These six distinct worlds each offer unique time trials and a competitive leaderboard. Players will uncover these captivating worlds one by one, experiencing fresh thrills week after week.

Players who manage to place first on each leaderboard will receive one of six crystals (the top 1000 players per leaderboard will be also rewarded with SAND). But that’s not all! For those willing to sacrifice their crystals to fix Dr. Bomkus’ machine, a legendary treasure awaits in a secret vault, promising untold riches and glory.

But beware, for Dr. Bomkus is a master of deception and intrigue, a Metaverse mastermind with a flair for the dramatic. He may be your host, but he’s also the creator and destroyer of worlds. And he’s here to stay.

Compete in the Dr. Bomkus’ Trials and unlock the true potential of your skills. Are you ready to rise to the occasion and claim your place among the elite? The journey starts in The Sandbox, in the realm of Dr. Bomkus!

🎫 Mint Your Bomkus Pass

Dr. Bomkus’ Trials are open to everyone with an account in The Sandbox! Anyone can play, but to be eligible to be on the leaderboard and compete for rewards, you’ll need a Bomkus Pass.

How To Get a Bomkus Pass

All LAND Owners and Avatars Owners can claim a free Bomkus Pass starting October 20th at 4PM UTC. A snapshot of your assets will be taken October 19th at 4PM (UTC). Click here to learn more about the snapshot.

  • If you own at least 1 LAND in your wallet, you can mint two copies of the Bomkus Pass.
  • If you own at least 1 Avatar in your wallet (whether from The Sandbox or Interoperable collections), you can mint one copy of the Bomkus Pass.

What you decide to do with your Bomkus Pass is up to you. You can keep them for yourself, share them with friends, or even sell them on the secondary market to intensify the competition! Having a Bomkus Pass grants you the ability to compete and qualify for rewards, even if you don’t own a LAND or an Avatar.

If you don’t currently own a Bomkus Pass, don’t worry! You can still access the game, but you won’t be able to compete in the Leaderboards.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire a Pass on the secondary market.

As always, please exercise caution to avoid scams. Ensure you only interact with official accounts to safeguard your gaming experience and assets.

🎮 Participate in the Trials

Dr. Bomkus has created a series of six challenges to put your speed, moves, and agility to the test!

Each trial boasts its own Leaderboard based on the Ethos Points (EPs) you earn by completing quests (marked with yellow and blue exclamation points) inside the episode’s experience. Every experience will have a timed quest marked with a blue exclamation point. Your completion time on this quest will serve as the tiebreaker on the Leaderboard.

To climb the Leaderboards, players must complete all available quests and aim for the fastest completion time on the timed quests. It’s not only a battle against the clock but also your fellow competitors!

Players have just seven days to compete and improve their time to secure a higher position on the Leaderboard. The higher you climb, the greater the rewards.

Leaderboard Rewards: Crystals and SAND

The Leaderboards in each of the six trials hold rewards for the most skilled players. Claim the first position on each Leaderboard to earn a Crystal. As there are six Leaderboards, six Crystals are available. Not quite able to get yourself to the top? Don’t worry, each leaderboard will have a 195,000 total SAND reward pool that will be distributed to the top 1000 players (details below).

Dr. Bomkus will use these Crystals to power up his Vault. Each Crystal comes in a distinct color, with each color associated with a specific Trial:

  • The Yellow Crystal for Hangar Games
  • The Cyan Crystal for Royal Flushed
  • The Black Crystal for Temple of Dum-Dum
  • The Blue Crystal for deadmau5 by Bomkus
  • The Purple Crystal for Lab Rats
  • The Green Crystal for Funny Fall

These Crystals are NFTs (on Layer 2) that can be tradable on the secondary market.

Rewards are as follows for each of the six Leaderboards:

Rank 1: 1 Crystal
Rank 2 to 10: 5000 SAND
Rank 11 to 500: 200 SAND
Rank 501 to 1000: 100 SAND

*Please note that our team will distribute Crystals and SAND rewards from the Leaderboards only after completing a fraud prevention check. Users must also be KYC-verified to receive rewards.

🔓 Open the Vault

At the close of the event, participants will have the opportunity to harness the Crystals to power the Vault. The more Crystals are sacrificed, the greater the rewards.

Every player with a Crystal can choose to burn it. The reward? Not just SAND but also highly valuable NFTs!

Heed the call and join Dr. Bomkus’ Trials today!