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You can meet many brands and IPs through this K-verse LAND Sale. See below for more details.

The Sandbox
16 min readDec 5, 2022

SM Brand Marketing

KWANGYA @ The Sandbox
The first digital space of the K-Culture meta-versal experience brand ‘KWANGYA’

SM BRAND MARKETING is in charge of merchandising business and distribution using K-POP IPs, and operates online platforms, fan communities, and online/offline commerce businesses that incorporate digital technology. In particular, through partnership/collaborations with Binance and The Sandbox, etc., we are building a Web 3.0 platform for future entertainment business, and are promoting projects such as P2C (Play to Create) planning and development, on/offline commerce and digital product development. SM BRAND MARKETING is leading the globalization of IP-based businesses by expanding our commerce business to North America and Southeast Asia.



Music Metaverse.
Holds events related to songs and concerts through collaboration with various entertainment agencies and artists, led by Cube entertainment

Anicube Entertainment, a JV of Animoca Brands and CUBE Entertainment, produces digital collectibles using various music related Ips and leads K-culture throughout the global metaverse market. Anibear of Anicube is a collection of 5,000 mysterious beings in the Anicube world whose mission is to spread love, joy, and music across the galaxy. They work as a unique membership to enter the Anicube ecosystem. Starting from Anibear, Anicube plans to develop and launch the world’s largest music metaverse, and as its first step, is developing a music metaverse within The Sandbox.

Anicube invites you to ‘Anicube LAND’, where diverse events and promotions based on K-POP are held with the theme of music metaverse. Through the 2X2 main stage and the Musician Planet(BTOB, Pentagon, (G)I-DLE, and LIGHTSUM) that reflects the Cube artists’ worldview, ‘Anicube LAND’ provides content that can be enjoyed using K-POP culture and IP to people around the world, such as performances and events on the music metaverse. Also, it is linked with ‘K-village’ owned by ‘CUBE Entertainment’ and leads diverse Korean companies and K-culture.

‘Anicube Land’ is now ready to introduce K-POP to global users through a new space, a metaverse.


“We are very pleased to launch the Anicube LAND sale in The Sandbox, the world’s leading decentralized metaverse. Anicube LAND will be centered around Cube Entertainment’s roster of K-pop artists and will be used as a platform for collaborations with various artists. The new LAND will offer all fans a new themed metaverse experience based on globally popular and trend-setting K-pop music and content, unlocking powerful opportunities for discovery and promotion.”

Animoca Brands CEO, Yat Siu

SAJAH Records

Music oasis with fantastic concert and rythme.
Fantastic performance out of real life. Enjoy music and space where you can get refreshed.

Sajah Records is a rising black music record label founded by Skull, a representative reggae/hip-hop musician in South Korea. Along with Skull, there are talented artists such as Koonta who was the top 4 in the rap competition show ‘Show Me The Money’, RGP who always shows his best on the stage, Gwangil-Jo who is the winner of ‘Show Me The Money’ season 10.

‘Sajah LAND’ will be created in The Sandbox to hold events such as concerts and fan meetups. Fans will be able to communicate with their favorite artists from Sajah Records including Skull, at the concert hall and social hub. Furthermore, Sajah Records will provide ‘Sajah Mansion’, where the artists live, and a vintage shop that sells items related to the artists for fans to enjoy various experiences.


“Sajah Records is happy to join The Sandbox ecosystem. We are ready to show many projects in the metaverse, looking forward to collaborating with other companies.”

Sajah Records CEO, Skull (Cho Seong Jin)


Brand New Ragnarok Experience.
Provides a different kind of experience with Ragnarok IP through a new platform

Gravity Co., Ltd. is a globally known online game company that was founded in April of 2000, during the infancy of the Korean gaming industry. As a leader in the Industry, Gravity became the first domestic game company listed on NASDAQ directly. Gravity has developed the MMORPG Ragnarok Online that has been serviced in the domestic and worldwide market acquiring a wide range of players.

Starting with Ragnarok Online in 2002, Ragnarok is the main IP of Gravity that has been successfully serviced by both PC and mobile. This global Intellectual Property has many series such as Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Ragnarok Origin, Ragnarok X: Next Generation, Ragnarok V: Returns, and Ragnarok Begins. Based on the worldwide popularity of Ragnarok, Gravity is also actively carrying out license businesses; broadcasting Ragnarok animations, and running the online store where the players can meet the Ragnarok Monsters merchandise.

Furthermore, Gravity will provide users with a new and colorful experience, enhancing Gravity’s original identity with The Sandbox, the world’s leading metaverse platform.



Virtual Theme Park.
From theme park to water park, aquarium, and observatory, the realization of an entertainment space beyond reality and the adventurous journey within it.

LOTTE WORLD, a comprehensive entertainment company, has been loved by domestic and foreign visitors as opening the world’s largest indoor theme park in 1989, a water park, an aquarium, and the highest observatory in South Korea one after another. With the partnership with The Sandbox, LOTTE WORLD sincerely hopes to bring new happiness and share memorable moments with more global customers. In The Sandbox, LOTTE WORLD’s original content will create a whole new world, which enables users to feel the pleasure they have never experienced before. Furthermore, users can make memories in LOTTE WORLD full of adventures and mysteries while performing quests, watching parades, and enjoying attractions with LOTTE WORLD’s characters. Those memories will be cherished for a long time with a series of exclusive NFTs. LOTTE WORLD is very pleased to be a part of The Sandbox ecosystem and looks forward to many interests and visits to LOTTE WORLD LAND.


“It is an honor to introduce to you LOTTE WORLD, the full of adventures and mysteries. Hello, our dearest friends all over the world! We’re LOTTY and LORRY, the mascot of LOTTE WORLD Adventure. In here, your imagination becomes reality, and you will find out wonderful things happen around you. Adventures you have never experienced before and sights you have never seen before would unfold in front of your eyes. Let’s go for an adventurous journey together!”


CUBE Entertainment

Seoul-Themed Large Korean Complex Cultural Space (City).
Issues K-content of Various Korean Companies and Brands as NFTs and Links with Actual Business

Complete with the 3 rules of ‘Musicality, Popularity, and Differentiation’, CUBE Entertainment’s artists such as BTOB, Pentagon, (G)I-DLE, and LIGHTSUM have grown to be in the limelight of both local and international markets and have proposed new methods to target the world market. Cube Entertainment is working hard to this day to create outstanding Asian luxurious content on the world stage.

Cube Entertainment is building a space named ‘K-Village’ in The Sandbox. Along with the meaning of ‘Korean Village’, it has formed a business model on K-culture and partnerships with various Korean companies and brands that represent K-culture. K-Village will provide enjoyable content utilizing the colorful Korean culture and IPs to the world. The Past, Present, and Future of ‘K-Village’ seek to embody the major landmark within Seoul and show the colorful Korean culture that preserves Korea’s traditional features while keeping a futuristic lifestyle.

In addition, it is connected to the music metaverse “Anicube Land” in The Sandbox owned by “Anicube Entertainment” and is planning interesting events with different artists. ‘K-Village’ is now ready to introduce Korean culture to global users through a new metaverse space, The Sandbox.


“No need to take a long hour flight to Korea anymore. You can meet Seoul and Korean culture in K-Village LAND in The Sandbox. As the term ‘K-Village’ refers to ‘Korean village,’ we would like to introduce Korean companies, brands, and culture in this space from the metaverse. We look forward to seeing everyone enjoying Korean traditional arts, cultural content, events, fashion, and cosmetic brands in our LAND!”

Cube Entertainment CEO, Ahn Woo Hyung

K League

K League LAND, where fans enjoy!

K League LAND, where fans enjoy!
Find fantastic virtual stadiums and players & clubs NFTs. Meet exciting football experiences in the K League land hub in the air!

The most competitive professional football league in ASIA? It is K LEAGUE, the men’s top professional football league of South Korea. K LEAGUE is ready to enter the Sandbox with fascinating football clubs and IP. K LEAGUE’s main objective of joining the Sandbox is to increase fan engagement across the world by providing distinguished metaverse experiences including social hub, IP applied football games, and NFT assets. From the opening K LEAGUE hub, K LEAGUE museum, games and NFTs of clubs’ official mascot and jersey will be released successively. It will be the first land where a whole professional football league participates in the Sandbox metaverse. So, if you have football fever? Visit K LEAGUE land, the place with a football variety.


LINE Studio

Expanding users’ gaming experience in casual genre with LINE studio’s virtual land.
We would like to offer a new set of gaming experiences utilizing NFTs and a Metaverse land, both of which embrace LINE studio’s gaming concepts and narration.

LINE studio developed many of LINE’s most popular games, including LINE Rangers, LINE Magic Coin, LINE Chef, LINE Bubble, and LINE Bubble 2. Working in all genres, we create games that top the charts and are loved in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and all around the world. Furthermore, LINE studio is constantly analyzing and researching the gaming industry to develop new adventures everyone can enjoy. Now, LINE studio is looking to expand its scope, partnering with The Sandbox to go beyond gaming and provide all sorts of fun and engaging experiences to metaverse users around the world.



Metaverse hub where you can experience CeREELs’ various IPs and worldviews.
Discover your favorite CeREELs’ characters and possess them as NFTs.

CeREELs is a diverse and trendy animated IP brand with a total of over 37 shortform (3-minute) series stories that combine music and storytelling. In partnership with The Sandbox, the popular IPs of CeREELs will be implemented in voxel, and the expanded form of CeREELs Hub will showcase its worldview in The Sandbox metaverse platform. In addition, you can have CeREELs’ IP NFT that utilizes the characteristics of each character that users love. Experience amazing fun in The Sandbox, which is different from animation! Original story animations are produced and distributed through YouTube, and you can experience a variety of CeREELs with your favorite IPs in various fields such as publishing, music, games, NFT, and metaverse!



Metaverse K-Contents Museum
Watch-to-Earn Museum with curator Ok-nim

Screena is operating a Watch-to-Earn (W2E) solution that allows you to watch movies and dramas and receive Soulbound Tokens according to your viewing records. Currently, worldwide we have 13 OTTs available, including Netflix and Disney+, to watch your favorite contents and get Soulbound Tokens. Screena has organized various Watch-to-Earn events, such as ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area’, and has achieved a high user retention rate of 70% in less than half a year. Like this, Screena provides collectible NFTs, utility, and fun!

Screena is also a content creator. We made a movie in The Sandbox with our mascot, Ok-nim, and achieved 400,000 views. In Screena’s ‘Metaverse K-Contents Museum’, the main character of The Sandbox movie, Ok-nim, will appear as a special curator to explain W2E and look back on the Watch-to-Earn events we have done so far. Users who visit the museum can take screenshots with special curator Ok-nim and get custom Ok-nim’s PFP NFT if they leave a little message about how they feel at that moment.


Mr Misang

Another world of Mr Misang
Coming NOT soon

Mr Misang is World Creator and one of the most famous NFT Artists.

Led by a series called Modern Life is Rubbish (MLIR), Mr Misang is expanding the virtual world, including The Sandbox in various formats such as Crevasse, Masked Workers, and Ghosts Project.


“It is still unclear what will be built in this space. But what is certain is that just as CryptoVoxels’ galleries have been reinterpreted as works and influenced each other, I expect SandBox’s space can also be used in that way. I want to make it possible for the audience to experience my world in a more multi-layered way through this LAND.”

Digital Artist, Mr Misang


BAGC, the golf NFT based on BAYC
Explore BAGC NFTs and enjoy golf mini games in LAND

BAGC is an NFT project that has been reborn under the concept of “golf” by the world’s most famous NFT collection, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). BAGC is a project jointly conducted by Hong Kong-based BAYC IP company Elite Apes and global web 3.0 tech company ALTAVA GROUP, creating a total of 10,000 unique “golf theme” NFTs. BAGC NFT also functions as a membership card for BAGC, where you can receive a variety of benefits, including custom goods made with your own NFT. ALTAVA group, which conducts the BAGC NFT project that connects real products and golf experiences, builds BAGC Land in The Sandbox to provide a space for users to enjoy golf games. NFT holders are provided with PFP avatars to watch mini games, NFT art exhibitions, and more.


Triump X

K-character pop-up adventure, I LOVE KARACTER
A pop-up adventure play space where you can enjoy games and participate in events with various characters and brands

TriumphX is a blockchain-based content creator organization that provides new content consumption experiences using blockchain technologies such as NFT, metaverse, and DeFi. We are working on NFT art projects with more than 50 artists and cultural and artistic organizations, and we are preparing many metaverse projects, linked to NFT, with The Sandbox. Recently, through a partnership with FORMULA E KOREA, we have created a racing club for racing fans and are preparing a metaverse racing game for club members to enjoy.

Enjoy new metaverse adventures and dynamic metaverse space with Triumph X: Heritage of Legend, where you can play mini-games together with legendary Korean sports players such as Lee Seung-yeop, Lee Bong-ju, and Hyeon Jeong-hwa as avatars; I LOVE KARACTER, a pop-up adventure featuring games and events with popular characters such as Molang, Zombiedumb, and Dr. Egg.


“I LOVE KARACTER is a pop-up world where popular characters can become influencers and build a fantasy-fairytale like brand fantasy. Enjoy dynamic mini-games and share your daily lives in pop-up boxes in The Sandbox where you can get a glimpse of their worldview such as a soft pop-up box with Molang, a real jungle box with Dr.Egg, and a slow box where time passes slowly with a sloth Neul, a secret box with Banji’s secret diary, and a moon-street-box that is also scary to zombies. Events and gifts provided by the brands add up the excitement of the games!”

Triumph X CMO, Jini Kim


Lazy freedom by Lazy Leos
A space to display physital, digital NFTs picked by Lazy Leos

ClubRare is not just an NFT marketplace. It is a vibrant community driven by collectors where the community members can trade their styles while extending their assets to the metaverse to create the most connected shopping experiences.

Lazy Leo Club(LLC) is the leading NFT community of ClubRare. Great products picked by Leos will be displayed in the ClubRare LAND in The Sandbox. All kinds of NFTs can be included, whether physital(physical+digital) NFT or digital NFT. Users can enjoy many spaces, such as a warehouse or boxing room, and experience various missions to get rewards.



SVNT Virtual Showroom
Communal virtual showroom in which fans of SVNT can hang out and enjoy content such as SVNT droplist, SVNT collections, and Min’s artwork

SVNT is a Web3 native fashion brand founded by VRISM. SVNT aspires to become the most iconic Web3 native fashion brand, building together with its most fashionable, inspiring, and supportive fanbase — the “SVNT gang.” SVNT will bring the best of fashion, creativity, and entertainment to The Sandbox to unlock users’ inner creativity and allow the manifestation of their identities through fashion. Together with The Sandbox, SVNT will launch an experimental space for the showroom and an exhibition hall showcasing SVNT’s iconic wearable items and creative artwork. SVNT will also continuously work with emerging creators in The Sandbox, pixel by pixel, to become the community-driven Web3 native fashion brand that indulges players with an interactive fashion experience.


“I’ve been a sneakerhead, entrepreneur, avid gamer, and collector my whole life. SVNT collection is driven by a motivation to open up everyone’s inner creativity, desire to truly manifest their identity, and even to evoke childhood memories. Most importantly, I’m not here just to make a Web3 native fashion brand. I’m here to have fun with SVNT gangs and friends I met in this most volatile industry in the human industry with The Sandbox.”

VRISM CEO, Kim Min Joong


NFT Art ground for Korean Artists.
HanDAO intends to support all creators to promote The Sandbox Metaverse for the Korean crypto and creator community via educational initiatives and social events.

HanDAO will be supporting the Korean creator community on The Sandbox! With its establishment on the K-verse, HanDAO’s metaverse expansion will include the launch of an NFT gallery for Korean creators of all kinds. HanDAO’s support of all creators will help promote The Sandbox metaverse for the Korean crypto and creator community. It will leverage its partners, IPs, brands, and projects on the K-verse Koreatown estate. HanDAO will also host educational initiatives and social events to celebrate this new exploration into the metaverse!



Web 3.0 platform for non-profit fundraising.
Aims to be a Web 3.0 platform that connects all fundraising-related activities across non-profits, corporates, and celebrities/influencers through NFTs.

Donarz will unlock the full potential of next-gen philanthropy and aims to be the Web 3.0 platform that connects all donation-related activities across non-profits, corporates, and celebrities through NFTs.

Through the opportunities we provide with The Sandbox, companies can save time and resources creating, producing, and managing NFTs for CSR purposes. Also, celebrities will be able to diversify their merch by creating NFTs and expose themselves to NFT users and the Donarz/TSB global community. NFT holders will enjoy members-only benefits such as passes to concerts with celebrities and private events with companies in The Sandbox.

Donarz will be a medium that connects global celebs with fans and companies with customers by hosting fundraising events, concerts, and various contests by providing a space in Sandbox. The partnership with Sandbox will allow dope & fearless donuts to help make the Earth a better place.


K-verse Builder Studio


FacBros is the first TSB builder studio in Korea. We are working on our own IP projects and also collaboration IP Projects.

As a part of The Sandbox ecosystem, our team is passionate about expanding the new metaverse world and creating content for a wide range of people to enjoy. We are sailing with creative & passionate FacBros team members to pioneer the new continent of the metaverse world. We are always waiting for new members who would land on a new metaverse world with us!



TDF was established in 2019 as a 2D pixel graphic production under Nexon company. We are currently participating in developing pixel-based games such as ‘Dungeon & Fighters’, ‘Maple Story’, and ‘Crazy Arcade BnB’ serviced by Nexon. Also, TDF makes an effort to expand the metaverse as a builder studio that is a part of The Sandbox ecosystem, utilizing our pixel graphic know-how.


Design Egg

Pleasant imagination, Pleasant world! Create a fantastic metaverse world with Design Egg. Design Egg is a builder studio that provides total solutions for The Sandbox, including game planning, design, and production.


Nestree operates NFT platform services and with The Sandbox builds metaverse ecosystems based on Web 3.0 blockchain technology.



Ecoverse creates a metaverse with voxels. We make many players play content easily and fun.


GBF Meta

The 10-year history of GBF is challenging and changing. We strive to provide experiences that we have not experienced in real life through contents produced with know-how about newness that we have accumulated for 10 years in the fields of planning, design, and development. Our ultimate goal is to become the North Star for all The Sandbox content creators and create new stimulation and inspirational moments in the lives of metaverse travelers.



Roti-X specializes in game development, various Sandbox content and NFTs that can be seamlessly applied and utilized within the Sandbox ecosystem.

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