K-verse LAND Sale

The biggest LAND sale ever. This is your opportunity to surround yourself with creative, brilliant, and unique Korean content and brands!

The Sandbox
7 min readDec 5, 2022

Here comes K-verse in The Sandbox! Welcome to K-verse LAND Sale. K-verse LAND sale is the biggest LAND sale among the others. Through this LAND sale, you can meet leading K-content companies and brands in various fields, such as music, game, art, fashion, sports, and entertainment. Don’t miss your chance to be a neighbor with your favorite Korean content and brand!


Total of 17 K-Brand partners and their LANDs have been revealed. Check out their location in The Sandbox!

LAND Sale Schedule

  • LAND Sale Raffle Sign Up: Dec. 8th 15:00 UTC to Dec. 13th 3:00 UTC
  • LAND Sale Raffle Results Announcement: Dec. 14th 11:00 UTC
  • LAND Sale (Whitelisted user): Dec. 14th 12:00 UTC to Dec. 15th 12:00 UTC. Join here: https://sandbox.game/landsale
  • LAND Sale OpenSea Auctions (Everyone): Dec. 14th 12:00 UTC to Dec. 15th 12:00
  • LAND Sale Second Chance Auctions* (Everyone): Dec. 15th 15:00 UTC to Dec. 16th 15:00 UTC. Join here: https://opensea.io/collection/the-sandbox-korea-verse-land-sale
  • LAND Sale Second Chance Auctions supply will depend on how many whitelisted users decide not to buy LAND.

Available LAND Types

Total 694 LANDs with 17 partners of K-content.

  • Regular LANDs:
    - 1,011 SAND for 1 Regular LAND.
    - 623 Regular LANDs in the K-verse area with 17 partners.
    - 15 1x1 LANDs* will be auctioned separately at OpenSea.
  • These LANDs are different from unsold LANDs. They‘ll be set for auction from Dec. 13th 12:00 UTC to Dec. 14th 12:00 UTC, and are purchasable by anyone.
  • Premium LANDs:
    - 4,683 SAND for 1 Premium LAND.
    - 71 Premium LANDs located right next to major partners.
    - The users who buy Premium LAND will get a special Premium NFT Bundle from partners.
  • Estates:
    3x3 or 6x6 Estates auctioned via OpenSea.

※ The available LANDs will be distributed randomly for the whitelisted users to buy. All remaining LANDs the whitelisted users didn’t buy will be manually set for auction. You will be able to pick the LAND coordinates in OpenSea.

Premium LAND NFTs

Exclusive Premium NFTs will be provided for the users who purchased Premium LAND located next to AniCube, Sajah Records, Gravity, Lotte World, Cube Entertainment and K-League.


  • Anibear Helmet: Cute Anibear Helmet! You will shine even brighter with this special Anibear Helmet!
  • Anibear Statue: Did you see a bear in a mysterious space suit? The bear is the owner of Anicube land, and an explorer traveling through mysterious worlds.

Sajah Records

  • SAJAH Records Mask: The lion mask shows bravery and charisma as well as the relaxation with music. We all can enjoy ourselves with the lion mask.
  • SAJAH Records Lion: Sajah Records Lion is brave and confident at all times. He wears a medallion around his neck.

Gravity (Ragnarok)

  • Croce Staff: The official staff for High Class Clerics. It is decorated with a red Prontera Cathedral Emblem.
  • Wooden Training Dummy: A wooden carving of a scarecrow used for training and upgrading your skills. A reliable companion to help you become stronger.

Lotte World

  • LOTTY’s Boosting Jetpack: Looking for going on an adventure? LOTTY, the mascot of LOTTE WORLD Adventure, will give you this boosting jetpack to upgrade your power and speed.
  • Floating Magic Island: MAGIC ISLAND, LOTTE WORLD Adventure’s landmark, has landed in the Sandbox as a miniature replica. With limited floating Magic Island, make your space the most special above all!

Cube Entertainment

  • ‘Hahoe Mask’ wearing ‘Gat’: It is a traditional Korean mask that originated from the past when stage actors wore it to avoid the audience from discovering who the actor is mimicking. Hide your face wearing this. You will become a mysterious man.
  • Jewelry Box: Valuable jewelry box decorated with mother-of-pearl details, contains ‘Gwanghwamun’, one of the landmarks that represents K-village.


  • K-League Hat: Exclusive K League hat for fans with football fever.
  • K-League Bus: Exclusive K League bus for victory, carrying players and mascots

OpenSea Auctions

A new LAND Sale process

How to enter the LAND Sale raffle?

K-verse LAND Sale FAQ

Will this K-verse LAND Sale be a one-time event?

No, there will be more K-verse LAND Sale events shortly. So, stay tuned!

Which partners are going to join K-verse LAND Sale in the future?

Korean brands and IPs that are already gaining popularity globally or are trying to enter the global market will be introduced.

What are the partners creating on their LANDs?

They are integrating their content in the metaverse for users to experience their brand in a new way. For more information, please refer here(Content 3 link).

If you want more details about the new LAND sale process, please refer to the entire FAQ.